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The WeatherTech Pet Feeding System was designed to provide your pet with the safest and most comfortable eating experience possible. The WeatherTech Pet bowl features a unique ergonomically designed bowl that ensures your pet won’t have to strain their neck and back to get at every tasty morsel of food, and every refreshing drop of water. Made in America from the highest-quality stainless steel or BPA-free plastic. These pet bowls are the only ones certified by the NSF to be free of lead, radiation, mercury, cadmium and other toxins. Plus they're human food grade!

WeatherTech Direct, LLC warrants that its products will be free from any defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the original purchaser and only for the original vehicle they were installed in. That does not mean that a product that simply and naturally wears out from normal use is a candidate for a warranty replacement or a refund. Like tires, brake pads or the shoes on your feet, everything wears out and when it does, that does not mean you did not receive good value for your money.

We are reasonable people and we believe in true customer satisfaction. We will work with you for a fair resolution to any issue you may have. Fair is defined as being fair to both you the customer and to WeatherTech. We do not charge extra for our products to our vast majority of customers so we can accommodate ridiculous warranty claims by the few. Our decision is final and will consist of either replacement of your product at no charge or charge you a prorated amount for a replacement, meaning we may extend a discount to you to purchase an exact replacement. Our goal is to keep our customers happy for a lifetime and always reach a fair resolution to any issue. Proof of purchase is required.

Exclusions to this warranty include wear due to severe abrasive conditions, chemical contamination, such as spilled gasoline, bleach, vehicle accidents, misuse, abuse, incorrect installation, incorrect use, etc.

    Can I use other bowls or do I have to use WeatherTech Pet Bowls?

    The bowls included with your WeatherTech Pet Feeding System are customized to fit perfectly with that system's size and shape, no other bowls will fit. You are able to purchase additional WeatherTech Pet Bowls for your system.

    Does my feeding system include bowls?

    Yes. Each WeatherTech Pet High Feeding System includes one 304 Stainless Steel bowl - or one BPA-Free Plastic bowl - if you order the single configuration or two bowls if you order the double configuration.

    Can I order replacement bowls?

    Certainly! Additional feeding bowls can be purchased for our online store.

    Can I travel with the WeatherTech Pet Feeding System?

    While the WeatherTech Pet Feeding System is sized for your pet(s), it can be quickly disassembled and each of the three components (stand, mat and feeding bowls) can be packed and transported.

    What are the feeding system and bowls made out of?

    The feeding system (stand and mat) uses FDA approved, human food grade polymer BPA-free plastic. The bowls are made from either heavy gauge US stainless steel that is NSF certified – or non-toxic BPA-free plastic!

    Does the feeding system have PVC?

    No, the WeatherTech Pet Feeding System only uses FDA approved human food grade plastic and polymers.

Choices of Feeding Systems

  • Compact Feeding System
  • Elevated Feeding System
  • Extra Pet Bowls

The WeatherTech Single or Double Compact Pet Feeding System for Dogs and Cats uses the same integrated stand and mat design, making it an ideal water bowl for traveling, outdoor walks, trips to the dog park and even longer road trips. Here you have the option of the number of bowls, single or double. You can also choose your bowl material, Stainless Steel or BPA-Free Plastic.
The combined stand and mat is easy to clean and made using high-quality, FDA approved, non-toxic plastics. The bowl holder’s sloped sides direct any food or water spills down to the protective mat below, and the raised outer lip catches and contains spills and messes.
The mat’s soft material creates traction on a wide array of surfaces, keeping everything anchored in one place, no matter if you’re on the kitchen floor or in the great outdoors. Portable and compact the Single or Double Low Pet Feeding System easily fits into any room in your house and is perfect to bring outside on your patio or on the go!

The Compact Feeding System is selected by bowl size.

Not sure which size? Use our Size Guide to select the best size for your pet.

  1. Compact Double System - Size Selection Guidefile_download
  2. Compact Single System - Size Selection Guidefile_download

The Elevated Pet Feeding System is the ultimate in match-to-fit feeding systems for Dogs and is available in many bowl heights to suit the size of your pet. You also have the option of a single or double bowl as well as the two bowl materials, Stainless Steel or BPA-Free Plastic.
The heavy-duty stand and mat are made using only the highest quality, FDA approved, non-toxic plastics. The custom designed mat features an elevated interior that prevents spills and messes from pooling underneath the system’s stand and bowls. At the same time, the raised outer barrier keeps your pet’s mealtime messes contained on its easy-to-clean surface, instead of all over your floor.
Speaking of floors, the soft mat creates traction on a wide array of surfaces. This ensures that the entire feeding system stays anchored in one place and keeps your floors scuff mark free. The WeatherTech Pet Elevated Stand features a sloping surface that directs any food or water spills onto the mat below. The stand also locks securely in place using the raised positioning ribs molded into the mat, so the stand won’t move, shift or tumble over during mealtime.

The Elevated Feeding System is selected by bowl height.

Not sure which height? Use our Height Guide to select the correct height for your pet.

  1. Double Elevated System - Height Selection Guidefile_download
  2. Single Elevated System - Height Selection Guidefile_download

WeatherTech Pet Bowls were created to make your pet's mealtime as comfortable and as safe as possible. Using a unique patent-pending design, these bowls give your furry family member strain-free access to food and water. They are also the only stainless steel or BPA-free plastic pet bowls certified safe by the NSF, so you know they're free from lead, mercury, cadmium and other toxins. Plus, they’re human food grade! Made in America using only high-quality American Stainless Steel or shatter proof plastic

  1. Double Elevated System - Height Selection Guidefile_download
  2. Single Elevated System - Height Selection Guidefile_download

Special Features

  • Certified 100% Non-Toxic
  • FDA Approved Plastics
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Heavy Duty Durability
  • Made in the USA

The only USA-made stainless steel dog bowls and cat bowls to be certified by the NSF. Free from lead, mercury, cadmium, radiation and other toxins!

Featuring both antifungal and anti-microbial additives, the stand and mat provide a safe and germ-resistant eating environment.

The entire system (bowl, stand and mat) can be safely cleaned in your dishwasher!

Stand and mat are made from tough and durable non-toxic plastics that can withstand the most aggressive eaters.

We want the very best for your pet, which is why all components were designed, engineered and manufactured in America!