Home and Business


The IndoorMat is designed to fit the needs of any doorway or entrance and keep dirt and fluids retained. Made in the USA from 100% recyclable resin, the IndoorMat features a fully wrapped raised lip perimeter to contain fluids and protect your floors.


OutdoorMat is the perfect addition to your home or business' exterior entryway. Through its clever design, the OutdoorMat contains semi-rigid cones to remove mud and debris from footwear.


DeskFone™ is a mobile phone holder that conveniently sits right on your desktop, tabletop or kitchen counter top. The fully adjustable phone holder allows you to set the perfect viewing angle, making it ideal for video calls/chats, watching a video or reading emails and texts.


The BootTray is a savvy solution to protect your floors from the toughest elements that are tracked into your home. The BootTray features channels that keep messes away from your boots or shoes, allowing them to dry properly. Made in the USA


StarBelt fashion clothing belts, made in the USA, are stylish yet practical trim-to-fit belts crafted from durable and waterproof recycled material. With 14 different colors to pair with any occasion, StarBelt is a fashion-forward must have.

Drink Coasters

Is condensation from cans, bottles and glasses ruining your fine furniture or tabletops? One drink, left to sweat on wood surfaces, can leave damaging water rings that can destroy your expensive furniture.

Christmas Tree Mat

The Christmas Tree Mat is the ultimate protector for those holiday messes by protecting your floors against damage from tree stands or water spills. The Tree Mat is made right here in the USA with the same quality and material as our widely popular WeatherTech Floor Mats.


WeatherTech TechFloor is an affordable, modular flooring option that was developed to address the problems that other flooring products couldn't solve. TechFloor can be used to change the aesthetics of most rooms, but does not replace heavy duty floorings in such places as commercial garages and workshops.


The WeatherTech Fuel Glove is the ultimate petrol and diesel protection glove, safeguarding your health while you fill up your vehicle. Utilizing FastFit® style and a textured Armortex Grip, Fuel Glove is a must have for anyone looking to keep their hands clean at the gas pump


Conveniently set the WeatherTech Tablet Holder portable tablet stand on your desktop, tabletop or kitchen counter top. This easy-to-tilt tablet mount allows you to lock in a perfect viewing angle, making it ideal for video calls, school work, gaming, watching videos, reading books or emails and more.


The WeatherTech MirrorFone is the perfect way to mount your mobile device to flat, smooth surfaces like a bathroom mirror or kitchen tile. This holder allows for easy hands-free viewing of your cell phone in either portrait and landscape modes.


WeatherTech’s anti fatigue mat offers maximum support and cushion to relieve your feet and back when standing in your kitchen, at standing desks, in your workshop or on any hard floor. So reduce the aches and pains and put a little spring in your step with ComfortMat!


The WeatherTech FlexTray helps protect your belongings against the messes and accidents you encounter every day. Designed to simplify cleanup and organize any project, FlexTray features a raised outer lip to catch and contain spills and splashes.

All-Purpose Mat

Life can be messy, but it doesn’t have to be. The WeatherTech All-Purpose Mat is a must-have for anyone looking to minimize everyday messes and headaches. Protect your property from spills, drops, accidents, leaks and more.